Google - UX Engineering Internship

May - Aug 2022 ||| Skills: C#, Unity, HTML, CSS, Javascript ||| URL: LinkedIn

The summer of 2022 I was fortunate to work on the Google AR/VR team as a UX Engineer Intern. I spent 14 weeks building the future of AR. My team worked on the AR glasses that were teased at Google I/O in May of 2022. I got to dive into the world of UX Engineering and prototyping (coding + design), and learned so much along the way. Unfortunately the project is confidential, so I am unable to dive into specifics, although I did get to work with Unity and C# to build exciting prototypes.

Thank you so much to my manager Shiblee Imtiaz Hasan, and Kathleen Bryan, Tobias Toft, Prasanthi Gurumurthy, Beccy Biermann Gürbüz, PhD, Xiuxiu Yuan and so many more who made this summer internship spectacular.