Ceridian World - Most Innovative Hackathon Winner, AR Mobile Application

Sept - Dec 2021 ||| Skills: C#, Unity, Figma ||| URL: LinkedIn

During Fall 2021, I got to intern at Ceridian for 4 months. I had a blast interning at Ceridian as a Software Developer. Before I left, I was able to participate in the two-day company-wide hackathon and create an augmented reality onboarding tool using Unity and C#. I was lucky enough to take home the Most Innovative award. I created the application using Unity and deployed it to my phone. The code was written using C#.

The vision of the project was to make onboarding a more immersive and enjoyable experience. Now that employees are joining companies virtually, it is hard for new hires to feel connected and really explore the company beyond their laptop screen.