Drive Green - RBC Next Great Innovator First Place Project Winner

SEP 2019 ||| Skills: C++, C#, Unity, Virtual Reality ||| URL: drivegreen

Unity VR Game using C# to promote sustainable driving for teenagers. Awarded $10,000 at the RBC Next Great Innovator hackathon for Most Innovative Hack.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals that encourage social, economic, and environmental sustainability. As RBC pursues a number of initiatives to contribute to a more sustainable future, the company challenged competitors to leverage big data to build a technology-focused solution that empowers youth to make environmental change.

Out of the aforementioned 17 goals, we chose to target climate action and particularly the release of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. We targeted the transportation sector as it made up 28% of the total emissions released in Canada, and focused specifically on the use of personal gas-powered vehicles. We believe there is a gap in the young driver's curriculum on the advantages of choosing electric cars, as well as sustainable driving practices.

This is where DriveGreen comes in. Its goals are to leverage its capabilities as a VR electric car driving simulator to educate and empower youth to drive sustainably, whether it is through opting to using an electric car or by adhering to driving metrics that reduce fuel usage, and in turn, carbon emissions.